Wellness Nation Cannabis Dispensary - Oneida-Nation - Southwold, ON

Wellness Nation Cannabis Dispensary - Oneida-Nation - Southwold, ON

The Wellness Nation Cannabis Dispensary will be sourcing and carrying the highest quality products – from the popular indicas, to the highly functionable sativas and incredible new CBD strains 2:1 (CBD:THC), which will give you a unique relieving experience. The goal is to give you an experience that is at par with our products and will keep you coming back. Hopefully making you a part of the wellness nation 420 family. We want to become not the best, but rather the standard. We believe that by working collectively with other dispensaries on reserve and sharing knowledge, experience and resources we can make the cannabis industry in Oneida a niche. Our goal is to become the best source for product for recreational users, while at the same time sharing the traditional knowledge of the health benefits of these medicines, which have been known to members for centuries.




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Oneida Nation, 461 Oneida Rd, Southwold, ON M5V 1M5



Store Contact Info: 

(226) 376-5808





Mon     12:00pm    10:00pm
Tue       12:00pm    10:00pm
Wed     12:00pm    10:00pm
Thurs   12:00pm    10:00pm
Fri        12:00pm    11:30pm
Sat       12:00pm    11:30pm
Sun      12:00pm    10:00pm



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