THC Distillate Ceramic Vaporizer Starter Kit - Pyro Extracts

THC Distillate Ceramic Vaporizer Starter Kit - Pyro Extracts

Pyro Extracts is proud to introduce their new line of THC Distillate Ceramic Vaporizer Starter Kits. Each distillate cartridge is reintroduced with strain specific terpenes, providing a high quality taste and experience. With 500ml of THC Distillate in each cartridge, the Pyro Extracts Kits are the perfect alternative to smoking cannabis, while being sleek and discreet.


Enjoy Pyro Extracts full-ceramic tanks which have no traces of cotton, heavy metal, or glue!


Each Order Includes 1 Vaporizer and 2 Ceramic Cartridges / 0.5ml THC Distillate 

Charge Battery Upon Reception 

Pyro batteries and cartridges are 100% compatible with all 510 threaded devices


NOTICE: These vape pens do NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate.



  • Peppermint (Hybrid)
  • Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
  • Watermelon (Hybrid)
  • Green Apple (Hybrid)
  • Green Crack (Sativa)
  • Blueberry (Hybrid)
  • Blue Dream (Hybrid)
  • Mango (Hybrid)
  • Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)


Distillate is a cannabis extract in which the final product has been stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid.


Distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges, and generally lacks taste or smell. It’s a potent cannabis oil that can be used on its own or infused in other cannabis products or goods. The most common forms of distillate on the market are THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. 



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