Purple Bud Feminized Seeds by White Label

Purple Bud Feminized Seeds by White Label

Purple Bud Feminized is a strain that produces mostly purple-flowering plants. It was developed by breeding an Afghan-Jamaican cross with a double-Kush hybrid. As such, Purple Bud Feminized offers large yields, and an uplifting, yet relaxing effect. The plants frequently produce striking purple-coloured flowers under most growing conditions.


White Label drew on the outstanding cannabis heritage of Jamaica and Afghanistan to create Purple Bud Feminized. It’s easy to cultivate indoors or out, even in cold climates with summers that end quickly. Low temperatures will actually encourage the plants to become more purple as flowering progresses, resulting in a colourful harvest of dense buds. The effect is a long-lasting sense of cheerful relaxation, perfect for social or solo consumption.


Purple Bud Feminized has a short flowering time, with a blooming cycle of about nine weeks. During this time, a sizeable yield of purple flowers appears around the nodes, and up the stem and branches. The buds are dense, solid and spiky, and have a thick coating of trichomes.


Seed Type    Feminized strain
Sativa / indica    Indica
Flowering Time    Short flowering period
Height    Compact plant
Yield    Heavy yield
Climate Zone    Temperate / continental


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