Puff Partner Cannabis Mail Order Service

Puff Partner Cannabis Mail Order Service

Puff Partners is a Canadian cannabis mail order dispensary. We realize that cannabis has a different meaning to each individual. We strive to provide high quality, affordable and discreet cannabis for our users. Whether you need it for medicinal, recreational or other uses, we will find you the product you need. Our mission from the start was to find a medicinal cannabis provider Canada-wide. To know a company that aimed to offer their customers premium cannabis products for reasonable prices, knowledgable staff, and a quick delivery time.To our dismay, we couldn’t find any provider we could trust and educate us. That’s when we stopped trying to find a provider but BE one. This was how Pure Fresh was born. Our friends and families took note of the medicinal value of our products.Once we noticed the positive impact our products had in our lives and those close to us, we decided we wanted to extend that to all Canadians. We began to gain more traction, we began to grow internally and externally. With many ups and downs, we’ve come to the decision that we ARE going to be the cannabis providers we once looked for. We are proud to say that PureFresh has been reborn to Puff Partner! Or how we like to call it, the community of Puff Partners. We work only with trusted suppliersWe take these points very seriously and will not compromise the integrity of our product for any reason whatsoever. When ordering with Puff Partner you can be assured that your product is sourced from the best local cultivators, growers, processors and manufacturers to give you peace of mind.Puff Partner works with some of the top producers of edibles, oils, vape pens, and other non-flower products.Baked Edibles, Faded Extracts, Twisted Extracts, XO Extracts, Buudabomb, Coast Concentrates, DickPunch Extracts, THConcentrates, Sovrin Extracts, Mystic Edibles, Tetra Healing, Spark of Life, Culture Pens, Green Island Naturals.


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Puff Partners offers live-chat on our website between 9AM – 6PM PST, or e-mail us at:



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