CBD Capsules

CBD has been shown to be a great solution for a wide variety of health issues.

Eating CBD infused edibles has become a popular way to take CBD.

Check out these  CBD Oil capsules to help add to your better health and wellness.


400 mg CBD Capsules

These CBD Extract capsules come in a 20mg capsule, with 20 capsules per pack.

CBD oil, derived from Charlotte’s Web strain flowers, infused into MCT oil. Very effective high-CBD medicine. 32:1 CBD:THC ratio. Added lecithin maximizes the bio-absorption of the CBD molecules into the bloodstream.

Good to Know: MCT Oils are extracted from coconut oil and are extremely easy for your body to digest and immediately make use of. Combined with lecithin, they are simply the most bio-available binding agent for cannabis, maximizing the amount of cannabis that ultimately gets absorbed into the bloodstream per capsule.

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