Cannabis Clones

Cloning, or taking cuttings of cannabis plants, is in very simple terms, like making a photocopy of your cannabis plant. Marijuana, like many other types of plants, can be copied. It’s a very common practice and technique. The cloning process is when growth shoots or branches are cut off from chosen the chosen mother plant and then induced to form roots in a separate grow medium.

Clones are basically exact duplicates, right down to the age, of the mother plant from which they were taken. Clones deliver the same level of quality every time they are cloned for years and years.

The main advantages of cloning cannabis plants are:

1) There are no surprises, you get the same quality as the mother plant

2) Perpetual bud harvests - while one batch of clones is flowering another can be simultaneously in vegetative growth. No need to preserve a mother plant; just take cuttings from the plants before you switch to 12/12 light for flowering. Get the next batch of clones rooted as the latter transition to flower and then repeat the process.

3) Breeding - the best breeds generally come from tried and tested cannabis clones.

4) By taking cuttings from a mother, every single clone will be a guaranteed female plant.

5) Saves a ton of time - clones are much faster to grow and flower than if you were starting from seed

No matter if you are growing a single plant or need to fill a commercial warehouse/greenhouse operation, this is the most trusted source for the best clones available on the market. Get the best cannabis clones delivered straight to your door!


Blue Dream Clones

A potent cross between Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is a slightly sativa-dominant strain. With a relatively high THC range that averages at a low of 17% and a high of 24%, this dreamy bud has more than just good looks and flavor to bring to the table. The CBD and CBN levels reach 2% and 1% respectively, making this a great strain for treating a ton of ailments. The delicious flavors of blueberry and sugar are long lasting and stay in the air and on your tongue long after the smoke has gone. The buds are long and bushy, with deep blue hues, amber and blue hairs, and an abundance of milky white trichomes. Blue Dream’s high begins with a cerebral rush, bringing with it motivation and heightened focus. As the high builds you fall into an ultra-relaxed state, leaving you feeling hazy and totally calm. This numbing sensation will find you pain-free and ready for any task.

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Gorilla Girl Clones

Gorilla Girl is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a cross between 2 of the very strongest US strains Gorilla Glue and Thin MInts Girl Scout Cookies. It has amazing resin production and very high levels of THC.

Gorilla Girl is 60% sativa and this is reflected in its long side-branches. Indoor yields are good at 400 – 550 gr/m2 in a flowering period of 9 weeks. Outdoors 350 – 600 gr/plant can be harvested at the end of September in northern latitudes. Resin production is off the scale and calyxes and smaller leaves will be liberally covered in sticky goo. Flavors and scents are incredibly intense and aromatic with wood (cypress), earth and citrus being the most notable. THC levels are very high: up to 25%. CBD on the other hand is very low at just 0.1%.

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Black Sugar Clones

A bestseller for its medical properties, but also because of it's amazing taste.

A stable multi hybrid of short squat indica’s and short sativa’s.

Here is a very easy, incredibly short strain famous for its taste and effects. It looks like an indica; short and squat, reaching a height of 40 – 50cm, but has lots of sativa smell and flavors. It has a flowery, fresh smell with earthy undertones. It grows like an indica, but has the characteristics of a sativa.

Its flowers turn dark purple-ish/blue-ish and when dried black-ish/purple-ish covered in tons of resin “sugar”.

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